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Himachal High Court orders complete ban on junk food items packed in non-biodegradable and plastic material

  • 2014. január 03.
  • névtelen (nem ellenőrzött)

Junk food to be banned in non-biodegradable packaging in Himachal Pradesh state

According to the judgement of the Himachal Pradesh High Court, the sale of potato chips, wafers, kurkure and all other junk food-items packed in non-biodegradable and plastic materials will be banned in Himachal Pradesh state from 26th January, 2014. Altogether 25 junk food items are affected by the new regulation, including chips, chocolates, biscuits, ice cream, pizzas, burgers, etc.
The Court also directed the state to appoint a food commissioner besides directing the government to ensure that no person is permitted to commence or carry on any food business without obtaining license.
The full list of non-essential food items to be banned in non-biodegradable packaging from 26th January 2014 and the full article can be found on the website of The Indian Express.

Potato chips (photo made by Evan-Amos)
The Indian Express