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Consultation results on the European Waste Management Targets are available online

  • 2014. január 13.
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56 percent of respondents support new EU waste targets according to the results of the consultation on European Waste Management Targets

The results of the consultation on the European Waste Management Targets have been published, and are available on the official website for the Targets Review Project. The project was delivered by Eunomia Research & Consulting with support from the Oko-Institut, Copenhagen Resource Institute, ARGUS, and Satsuma Media, and aimed at the review of the targets of the Waste Framework Directive, the Landfill Directive and the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. The consultation on the Review European Waste Management Targets ran between 4th June and 10th September 2013, and the results of this have now been published.
Altogether 670 responses have been collected during the project, and according to the results, 56% of respondents say yes to new EU waste targets. Stakeholders were categorized into the following three groups: industry, not-for-profit, and academic organisations; public authorities (e.g. Member States, regional or local competent authorities); and European citizens. 84% of them would support the increase or the expansion of the current recycling targets.
Proposed recycling rate target changes most opted for by respondents were the following:
•    paper and cardboard 75% (achievable by 2021)
•    glass 80% (achievable by 2021)
•    metals 75% (achievable by 2021)
•    plastic 60% (achievable by 2022)
•    wood 60% (achievable by 2022)
•    all packaging 70% (achievable by 2022).
The summary of the consultation results, the full list of consultation questions and the detailed results can be downloaded from the official website of the Targets Review Project.


Official website for the Targets Review Project

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