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Denmark without waste

  • 2013. december 06.
  • névtelen (nem ellenőrzött)

According to the Danish Government’s new approach to waste Denmark would significantly increase recycling together with the reduction of incineration

In its new resource strategy issued in November 2013 Denmark aims at the increase of recycling and the reduction of incineration at the same time. The country has been incinerating 80% of household waste in the past decades, and by perceiving that waste is a valuable material resource the government started to move towards more ambitious recycling goals. They plan to recycle 50% of household waste generated in the country by 2022. This would mean doubling the current recycling rate of household waste in Denmark within less than 10 years. Besides wastes that are usually recycled (e.g. glass, paper) they also plan to recycle other household waste flows − such as food waste − as well. Municipalities will be given a key role in realising the government’s new waste policy, and the desired target is to be achieved by the active involvement of the public.
The full version of the document can be found on the website of the Danish Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Protection Agency.


Danish Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Protection Agency