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Act now to save the Clean Air and Circular Economy packages

  • 2014. december 01. 01:00
  • Csilla

Juncker and Timmermans are withdrawing proposals that people want, that are good for our health, economy, and for the environment.

11 countries have already signed a letter sent to Juncker to save both packages. To say either of these packages is not in line with the Commission’s agenda of growth and jobs is ridiculous. They are implementing the agenda of BusinessEurope, which has made it very clear that it wants these proposals axed or, at best, mutilated. If you want a sustainable and healthy future for Europe, sign the petitions below and show that you do care and do not let them wipe away the packages!

Why the packages are good for us.

The Clean Air package would

- save lives (as many as 58,000 every year if Commission proposal is implemented). Currently, 400,000 die prematurely every year because of air pollution

-create economic benefits between €40-140 billion per year in 2030

- the costs of pollution abatement to implement the package are estimated to reach € 3.4 billion per year in 2030. This means that the monetized benefits will be about 12-40 times higher than the costs.

- save 123 000 km2 of ecosystems from nitrogen pollution (more than half the area of Romania)

The Circular Economy package would

- create 180,000 jobs 

- reduce Europe’s demand on costly, imported raw materials

- reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 443 million tonnes between 2014 and 2030

- And progressive companies like Philips and Unilever and numerous industries have called for the Circular Economy Package

Act now and sign the petitions!