International memberships

In 2003 we became a member of the European Environmental Bureau organisation that works to promote environmental issues on a European level and represents the demands of European citizens. EEB meets its members regularly in working groups which focus on important environmental issues, and then it promotes their demands at European level. Their policy officers are in constant dialogue with the European institutions (Commission, Parliament and Council) and strive to improve or protect environmental laws in Europe. EEB supplies quality information to the public, its members and the European institutions through articles, reports and papers. They offer expert comments, analysis and recommendations on most of the latest environmental issues.

In 2011 we joined Zero Waste Europe, which is a European coalition bringing together municipalities, companies, universities and organisations committed to work to eliminate waste in Europe. Zero Waste Europe is an informal network of European NGOs involved in waste prevention and reduction. Zero Waste programs are the fastest and most cost effective ways with which local governments can contribute to avoiding toxics releases from waste disposal practices, fight climate change, create green jobs and promote local sustainability. Basic principles of the work in Zero Waste Europe are to:

  • promote the concept of Zero Waste at European, national and local level
  • ask communities and businesses to adopt Zero Waste as a goal and plan how to achieve it
  • engage the community and the informal sector to innovate and promote Zero Waste
  • closely work with the existing recycling industry and reuse business
  • support Zero Waste procurement policies and programs
  • involve businesses and institutions in extended producer responsibility
  • promote the effects of Zero Waste in creation of employment, reducing emissions and in fighting climate change
  • promote Zero Waste as the way to conciliate human existence with the world’s finite resources

We are a member of the GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives) international civil organisation that works both against incinerators and for safe, sustainable and just alternatives (its name reflects this dual purpose). It has more than 650 grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals in over 90 countries. They provide technical assistance and strategic campaign advice to their members, as well as opportunities for exchange of experiences, information resources, and other tools for mobilization in support of positive action in communities. They also encourage advocacy efforts to stop the expansion of the incinerator industry, and support collective action and education campaigns through focused mini-grants and publications.

ZWIA (Zero Waste International Alliance) has been established to promote positive alternatives to landfill and incineration and to raise community awareness of the social and economic benefits to be gained when waste is regarded as a resource base. The simple technology and methods required to achieve Zero Waste exist in every community around the world. ZWIA operates at the international, national and local level. The Alliance will:

  • initiate and facilitate research and information sharing for the promotion of Zero Waste
  • build capacity to effectively implement Zero Waste
  • set standards for the application of Zero Waste

RREUSE is a European umbrella for social enterprises with activities in reuse, repair and recycling. It promotes a sustainable development model which takes into consideration the following pillars: environmental protection, social equity and economic viability. The main activities of its members include:

  • collection, sorting and redistribution of textiles and clothing
  • collection, repair and reuse of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE), furniture and bulky waste 
  • home and community composting projects
  • charity and second hand shops
  • collection and recycling of paper, cardboard, wood, plastics, paints, metals, books and toys
  • awareness raising campaigns, international projects, exchange of best practice and business support