In the framework of our decade old training program we primarily assist the work of teachers through our accredited training courses, with providing consulting. The educational set "Will we drown in it?" and the Salad newsletter for teachers are addressed to them. We also operate a Waste Playing House and a Study Trail in Humusz. 

The main elements of our attitude-forming communication are the following: the ÚjraSzedve /former Kukabúvár/ magazine published since the beginning of the 1990s, our daily updated website, our newsletters and our presence in online community media. Visitors may regularly see our playful, attitude-forming booth at the different events. We also host a number of community programs in the Humusz House.

People interested may also access national online databases at our organisation concerning waste yards and repair shops.

Our free public lecture series "Green Adventures – Eco-Frankly Discussions in the Humusz House" have been continuously running since 2003, in the framework of which well-known experts and public personalities analyse the elements of sustainable lifestyle.

Each year we organise a range of actions on the international Buy Nothing Day. This day draws the attention to the harmful consequences of over-consumption. In 2010, connecting to this day in the spirit of the European Waste Prevention Week, we organised the first Hungarian Zero Waste Week with the co-operation of around 40 non-profit and for-profit organisations, whose activities intentionally or less consciously contribute to decreasing the quantity of waste.

We started our popular program "Compost!" with several of our partners in 2006. Due to the increasing information demand we operate a thematic website even today, we print information leaflets and we keep compost celebration days.

Under the auspices of popularising recycled paper we announced for 1st of March the Day of Recycled Paper. Each year this day we come up with some kind of specific announcement, recycled paper exercise-book production action or school greening programs.

As regards professional work, our organisation is invited to more and more forums, committees, workgroups, we regularly organise waste workshops, with special focus on the National Prevention Program that is due in 2013. We prepare studies on differentiated waste fees, knowledge level of the population, product fee, and so on. We regularly issue opinions on law drafts and national strategies including waste related issues, and we are continuously searching specific solutions and sharing them on a local level.

In the framework of our anti-incinerating program called Pyromania we draw the attention to the fact that by incinerating we waste energy and secondary raw materials and we damage our health. We provide professional assistance to anti-incinerator population movements.

Our social entrepreneur services:
• The enterprise called Humusz Recycling Ltd., which evolved from our civil program, offers a selective waste collecting service and attitude-forming training for institutions and condominiums.
.• We offer our attitude-forming training events, our booth-based on-site services for companies, local governments and schools. We also provide waste prevention consulting, and we keep lectures and training events as well.
• We organise voluntary programs for companies.
• Our attitude-forming publications and environment friendly products may be ordered at the Humusz Shop.