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The world has turned upside down…

  • 2005. július 01. 02:00
  • humusz

Let us approach the waste problem from the fact that it is the direct consequence of the consumer society. The world of advertisements, shopping malls and promotions induce us to buy. Even if we do not need anything at the moment. This is waste production per se: we will throw away the useless items, they will become waste. In Hungary each one of us contributes to the environment contamination with around 500 kg waste annually and this quantity is ever growing.

Humusz Waste Prevention Alliance, originally established by five Hungarian environment protecting organisations in 1995, works for presenting waste poor, environment conscious solutions and lifestyle examples. We do show that there is a form of being, in which money and consumption are not prior to everything else, but one may still be satisfied within it. With the solutions recommended by us we wish to revive the small, local communities, to turn people towards each other again, instead of turning towards objects, and to restore trust through common adventures. We do this because we do believe that together we may be happier, our life will be easier and more rational.

Our mission
The objective of Humusz is to make sustainable production and consumption an everyday practice in Hungary. We work in order to create the will, to disseminate the knowledge required and to develop the societal, economic and environmental framework of conditions needed. In this regard we consider civil communities, teachers and students attending higher education to be our outstanding allies.
Our tools include the provision of information, education and consulting, the research for good practices, developing and establishing waste prevention examples, and the stimulation of community co-operations.