2014. november 18.

Industry has called for a thorough assessment of the environmental impact of oxo-biodegradable plastic bags, as EU lawmakers disagree over whether a ban is necessary.

2014. november 11.
2014. november 11.

Imagine a community where nothing goes to waste. Instead, every material and object is recycled and turned into something useful.

2014. november 10.

The European Commission (EC) is considering broadening the targets for WEEE to put more emphasis on reuse.

2014. november 10.
2014. november 07.

The FTC has warned 15 ‘bio-friendly’ plastic bag companies over deceptive advertising – but will it have any impact on the dubious disposable plastics industry?

2014. november 04.

The European Union is charting a course to the circular economy. Last July the Commission proposed a set of more ambitious waste targets, the key target being 70% recycling of municipal waste and 80% recycling of packaging waste by 2030. From 2025 landfilling of recyclable waste will be prohibited. The waste sector expects to profit from these ambitious targets.

2014. október 30.
2014. október 28.

The European Commission has published long-awaited proposals on developing end of waste (EoW) criteria for plastic.

2014. október 17.