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Recycling guide for Budapest residents

  • 2016. április 01. 02:00
  • Alp
Earth Day (22th April) is approaching and prepared a recycling guide for Budapest. By disposing their household waste in specified places, residents of Budapest can contribute to recycling.

Earth Day, since its first celebration in 1970, is now an event celebrated every 22nd April in more than 193 countries to promote environmental awareness and support for environmental protection on global level. Recycling stands as one of the most important the goals of Earth Day. prepared a guide for Budapest residents to contribute recycling around their households and public zones. The guide includes these points:


- Recycling at home: Many apartments in Budapest already have recycling bins in blue (paper), yellow (plastic and metal) and green (non-recyclable waste) colors.


- At shops and markets: Most of the shops and supermarkets accept deposits of glass bottles. Further, many of these places are equipped with machines for refunding the bottles. 



- Outdoor recycling collection points: The containers which are located in streets are available for household waste. Blue bins are for depositing paper (“papír”), yellow receptacles are for plastic (“muanyag”), gray containers are for metal and aluminium (“fém”), green is for colored glass (“színes üveg”), and white contains clear glass (“fehér üveg”). To see the collection points


- Recycling yards: Various recycling yards in Budapest are available to drop your additional waste including insoluble waste, such as such as old machines, electronics, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, and used oil.



- “Lomtalanítás” (“get-rid-of-junk day”): In Lomtalanítás days which are organized several times a year, people can dispose their extra household material, which is also beneficial for scavengers and collectors. This tradition contributes to urban recycling in a functional way. For more information, please check this page


- For dangerous waste like batteries, you can visit these places