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The story of Contarina shows 85% recycling is possible!

  • 2015. február 01. 01:00
  • Csilla

This case study proves that high recycling targets are not only feasible, they also save money and create jobs.

Zero Waste Europe publishes today a new case study showing that in less than 15 years it is possible to reach more than 80% in separate collection whilst reducing costs and creating jobs.

Contarina is responsible for the management of waste in most of the province of Treviso where they serve 554,000 inhabitants and reaching average levels of source separation of 85% whilst generating only 53kg of non-recyclable waste per inhabitant and year. In contrast, the EU average level of source separation is 42% and a 285kg per inhabitant and year of residual waste.
Contarina Zero Waste goals

future goalsIt’s not only these impressive rates that make Contarina a zero waste champion, but its commitment to continuously improve its performance and advance towards zero waste. Good proof of this is the goal to recycle 96,7% of the waste by 2022 and reduce the residual fraction to 10kg per inhabitant and year.

“This experience proves that the targets set in the circular economy package, which VP Timmermans plans to withdraw, are not only realistic but they are the right way to stimulate the economy; creating jobs and increasing resource efficiency” said Joan Marc Simon, Director of Zero Waste Europe

Today, these case studies show that, in contrast with the outdated idea of burning or burying our waste, preventing, reusing and recycling it create jobs and resilience, save money, and protect the environment and public health.

You can download the case study here.


Source: Zero Waste Europe