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A new waste incinerator in Budapest?

  • 2014. december 01. 01:00
  • Csilla

The decision has not been made yet, but the new incinerator in Dél-Pest would be part of the district heating system.

There is a plan to build a new waste incinerator in the sourthern part of Budapest - was read in the newspaper Világgazdaság referring to the assistant general manager of Főtáv Zrt., the capital's teleheating company.

According to Tibor Orbán, the generation of the heat in a waste incinerator costs one third or fourth compared to a conventional power plant and decreases a country's natural gas use. The connection of the heat pump distribution station and the power plant of Rákospalota is already under way. The 5 billion HUF project will end next spring and will enable the waste incinerator to provide more heat for the district heating system.

The incinerator of Dél-Pest would have similar part in the teleheating system of southern Budapest - was written in the paper.