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The reconstruction and expansion of the heat pump distribution station of Újpalota, Budapest has started

  • 2014. szeptember 01. 02:00
  • Csilla

The foundation stone of the project was laid on Monday on the territory of the capital city’s waste-to-energy plant.

The capital’s teleheating company (Főtáv Zrt.) has stated that the development will increase the efficiency of the waste incineration system, thus decreasing the dependency on natural gas and the emission of greenhouse gases. The current system is not suitable to increase the amount of the low-cost heat energy.

The produced heat will be distributed in the district heating system of Észak-Pest (north Pest) and Újpalota. The two systems will be connected through a pipeline, and a new will be laid between the heat pump station and Észak-Pest. As part of the project, new steam and condensate pipes with larger cross section will be placed between the heat pump distribution station and the power plant.

The construction of an underground , 240 square metres pump station for the circulation of the hot water is already under way in the 4th District. Afterwards, a park will be designed.

The investment is approximately 5 billion forints (cca. 1,5 million euros) of which 10% is funded by the European Union.

Source: MTI