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Have blogs replaced Grandmothers, and how does this relate to foodwaste?

2017. október 20. 13:33

How often do you check on your grandmother and how often do you read a blog? Just kidding. But there is a truth to this headline. It doesn’t have to correlate with how often you see your grandmother, but it is a fact that more and more young people turn to blogs rather than their […] Read more

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Buying things may feel good…

2017. október 16. 16:38
but getting broken things to work again feels even better By Haldi Ellam Who doesn’t have a broken product at home waiting to be repaired? A kettle? A T-shirt? The one I see the most is the ‘famous’ broken glass screen on the mobile phone. The interesting thing is that rather than repairing the broken […] Read more

Copenhagen goes all in on incineration, and it’s a costly mistake

2017. október 13. 16:10
The number one rule of investing is to buy low and sell high. Copenhagen, however, with the construction of the infamous Amager Bakke waste to energy plant, doesn’t see it that way. Listed at an estimated 500 million euros, the experiential Amager Bakke incineration unit in Copenhagen is the most expensive of its kind in […] Read more

Sardinia rocks at waste management! We went on a field trip to discover why.

2017. október 13. 13:59
View the story “Sardinia rocks at waste management! We went on a field trip to discover why.” on Storify

Big VICTORY: Under public pressure, waste incinerator was kicked out of the Spatial Plan of Zagreb!

2017. október 05. 10:38
Croatian Zero Waste Europe member Zelena Akcija  delivers a statement after news of a big victory for sustainable waste management in the capital of Zagreb, and plans for the construction of an incinerator being scrapped. Read the original article on Zelena Akcija’s website… After more than 20 years of consistently pushing for the construction of […] Read more

MEPs seek answers over burning waste

2017. szeptember 29. 12:43
By Ben McCormick Waste incineration in cement kilns is being put in the spotlight in the European Parliament as concern grows over its impact on public health. For years, the effects of air pollution on public health have been well documented. Increased cancer risk and immune system, respiratory, reproductive and neurological problems have all been […] Read more

Zero waste leaders share best practice in Lithuania

2017. szeptember 29. 12:34
  Žiedinė ekonomika (Circular Economy) was founded by Domantas Tracevičius to actively promote the separate collection of biowaste to show that it is both economically and environmentally sound and that it is very good practice to be able to separately collect many other recyclables. Žiedinė ekonomika’s team is particularly active in promoting waste management best […] Read more

Letter to the European Parliament ENVI Committee on RED

2017. szeptember 27. 14:30
Download the PDF version of this letter To: Members of the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament Subject: Why it is essential to set sustainability criteria for the use of waste, residues and (by) products for energy in the RED II   Brussels, 27 September 2017   Dear Members of the ENVI Committee of the […] Read more

Zero Waste Europe to the European Commission: let’s use plastics only when it makes sense

2017. szeptember 26. 12:34
Today ZWE published its position on plastic reduction targets, demanding a two-fold policy action by targeting plastic packaging and single-use plastic items of high concern. The launch coincided with the Commission-organised conference Reinventing Plastics, which was used by the civil society alliance Rethink Plastic to stage a small action by giving away sustainable-sourced reusable cups […] Read more

Sign-on Letter to the Green Climate Fund

2017. szeptember 25. 18:20
See bottom of page for the form to sign our open letter to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).  Dear Members and Alternate Members of the Board of the Green Climate Fund: We are writing to express our support for ambitious climate action in the waste management sector and urge you to prioritise resource-efficiency, sustainability and […] Read more

Cleaning our way out of our plastic crisis: coastal cleanups and beyond

2017. szeptember 15. 18:22
Save the date! The 16th September 2017 is the International Coastal Cleanup Day. From an activity previously only carried out by a small group of  ecological frontrunners, coastal cleanups have become a big deal. Last year, a large US-based network involved almost 800,000 volunteers internationally and, since launching in 1985,  claims to have involved more […] Read more

4 reasons why recycling is better than incineration

2017. szeptember 14. 14:40
The waste hierarchy is the main principle at the cornerstone of the European Union’s waste policy. It establishes the priority order Member States should apply when developing waste management legislation and policy. It envisions that waste should be in the first place prevented, then  reused, recycled, processed for energy recovery, and finally disposed of. Unfortunately, […] Read more

How a simple 40-day experiment rocked my world

2017. szeptember 08. 13:10
As we reach the end of the Zero Waste Week, where various experiments have taken place in finding new ways to live without producing waste such in our daily lives. This account from guest blogger Mirabai Weismehl Rosenfeld, details her experiment of living without single use plastics for 40 days. Read about her trials and […] Read more

Scotland adopts a deposit for beverages that paves the way for the EU Strategy on Plastics

2017. szeptember 06. 11:15
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Brussels, 05/09/17 The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced this afternoon her commitment to introduce a deposit in all beverage containers sold in Scotland, in an effort to cut down marine and street litter. Consumers would pay a deposit to shops which would be refunded to consumers after the return of the […] Read more

Joint letter on amendments to RED II by CEPI, EURIC, Plastic Recyclers Europe and ZWE

2017. szeptember 06. 10:30
On the 4th of September, Zero Waste Europe sent a joint letter with representatives of the recycling industry calling for key amendments to be made to the RED II proposal. These amendments, to be voted on by the ENVI Committee on October 11-12 would bring the treatment of waste into line with the EU waste […] Read more

3 ways the European Parliament can fix the Renewable Energy proposal

2017. szeptember 01. 10:21
The Renewable Energy Directive (RED) is currently under revision in the European Parliament. Soon the committees responsible for the file will vote on the amendments, many of which cover use of waste for energy generation. Just like the previous version, the new proposal (RED II) continues to promote energy recovery processes from the biodegradable fraction […] Read more

Ireland’s first zero waste festival

2017. augusztus 31. 13:27
In June, the first Zero Waste Festival in Ireland took place. Building on the success of other Zero Waste Festivals such as Paris, and Roubaix the festival was a massive success. This festival and the others which have taken place over the summer represent a new activity in the burgeoning zero waste movement. Here Mindy O’Brien […] Read more

EU trainees are hacking disposable plastic cups

2017. augusztus 30. 16:24
Who said that Brussels and the European Institutions are places for cold bureaucracy and economic reasoning only? We met with Paolo, Ieva, Diego, Adrian, Karin and Nico, who prove that the seeds of ecology, sustainability and active citizenship can sprout everywhere – even in the not-so-sunny Brussels’environment. During their traineeship within the European institutions, they […] Read more

Sadiq Khan pledges to make London zero waste

2017. augusztus 30. 11:26
Supporters excited by step in the right direction but the strategy should phase out the continuation of waste incineration in London, if a true zero waste city is to be achieved By Cameron Broome Unveiling his environmental strategy for London, Sadiq Khan has pledged to make London a zero waste city. Specifically, the London Mayor […] Read more

Why the current Renewable Energy proposal is flawed, and how to fix it

2017. augusztus 21. 14:13
The Renewable Energy Directive is under review. In November 2016, the European Commission published a legislative proposal which establishes a common framework for the promotion of energy from renewable sources. In addition, the document defines a set of sustainability criteria that biofuels, bioliquids and biomass fuels, except from municipal and industrial waste and residues, must […] Read more