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Beyond the super worms: one simple step you can take to stop plastic pollution

2017. augusztus 10. 10:51
Plastic is a revolutionary material that lasts up to 100-500 years depending on its type. However, when we use this material to create something like a plastic bag, with an average life span on 25 minutes, we have a problem. Our oceans are heavily polluted and 80% of the marine litter is plastic. While the […] Read more

6 ways embodied energy could shape policy in Europe

2017. július 28. 06:26
There are many methods for calculating the embodied energy contained in a product. In our latest briefing paper, based on research by Eunomia we explore how an embodied energy indicator could be applied to European product policy to drive the circular economy forward, increasing the retention of valuable resources within an increasingly closed loop.  Embodied […] Read more

#Designed4Trash award: Styrofoam Containers

2017. július 25. 10:12
Styrofoam containers have been voted the 2nd most wasteful item at the Designed For Trash Awards, organised by the People’s Design Lab during last May 2017. Participants on this popular contest have also suggested sustainable alternatives to replace these problematic containers, which are responsible for an increasing amount of plastic pollution on the environment. Styrofoam […] Read more

Environmental NGOs join forces for a Mediterranean free from plastic pollution

2017. július 20. 17:59
Environmental organisations from all around the Mediterranean are launching the Break Free From Plastic Movement in the region, to save the cradle of human civilisation from a plastic pollution crisis. At their first meeting in Barcelona last June, they agreed on a manifesto calling for systemic change along the whole plastic value chain to prevent […] Read more

Sardinia demonstrates that islands can achieve zero waste

2017. július 20. 10:08
Over the years, the island of Sardinia has served as model for Zero Waste thanks to their incredible recycling efforts and local initiatives. By challenging our perception of what we can achieve by working together, Sardinia has shown us that Zero Waste is possible on islands too. Comprised of nearly 2000 kilometers of white sandy […] Read more

ZWE’s response to public consultation on Chemicals, Products and Waste

2017. július 18. 10:49
In the frame of the policy discussions to transition towards a circular economy, the European Commission intends to produce a Communication on the interface of Chemicals, Products and Waste legislation. This should analyse and prepare policy options on how to address the interface of chemicals, products and waste legislation, including how to reduce the presence […] Read more

How to save the world, one reusable bag at a time

2017. július 17. 10:27
The results are in. Everybody seems to agree on the fact that plastic bags are probably the most wasteful product on the market. The Redesign Europe Challenge 2017, launched by the People’s Design Lab, just confirmed it, and plastic bags are facing an uncertain future. Plastic bags are increasingly being replaced by the the most […] Read more

New study presents plan for Circular Economy using existing economic measures

2017. július 12. 11:18
Press Contact: Joan Marc Simon, Zero Waste Europe, +32 (0) 2 503 64 88 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Brussels, 12/07/17 A new study released today by the Reloop Platform and Zero Waste Europe, and produced by Rezero, demonstrates that existing economic instruments can bring Europe to the next stage of the Circular Economy. The study […] Read more

Roundup International Plastic Bag Free Day 2017

2017. július 11. 18:12
This year the International Plastic Bag Free Day turns 8 and we have seen some spectacular actions! The movement to rid the world of environmentally destructive single use plastic bags continues to grow, and their ultimate replacement with clean, reusable and cool alternatives looks ever more possible. Across the globe we have seen an incredible […] Read more

Rethink Plastic launches a summer challenge for the European Commission

2017. július 10. 07:00
Rethink Plastic has sent an open letter to the European Commission calling on them to propose strong and harmonised EU legislation within the EU Strategy on Plastics in the Circular Economy – due to be published at the end of 2017. We call for concrete policy action on reducing, redesigning and better managing plastics, and challenge […] Read more

Ditching Plastic Bags: A Lesson from Africa

2017. július 03. 18:24
By Zero Waste Europe guest blogger, Christopher Nicastro Ah, the dreaded plastic bag. We see them almost everywhere we go – outside our homes, on the side of the street, at the park, in the ocean. It’s a remnant, and token, of convenience at its worst. But the times, they are a changin’. Citizens and […] Read more

Press Release: Enough excuses: it’s time for EU Member States to break free from plastic bags

2017. július 03. 15:31
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Brussels, 03/07/17Brussels, 3 July 2017 – More than 7 months after the transposition deadline of the EU Plastic bags directive, environmental NGOs celebrate today the 8th edition of the International Plastic Bag Free Day. In this important year where plastic pollution of ocean is considered a priority global concern, the compliance and […] Read more

10 organisations join the Zero Waste Europe Movement!

2017. június 30. 17:46
Today, Zero Waste Europe network gathers 30 organisations from 25 European countries. Zero Waste Europe was born due to the desire of grassroots organisations to connect and collaborate in order to make a Europe without waste possible. We are deeply connected to this origin. In June 2017, 10 new member organisations join the movement After […] Read more

Joint letter on plastic-to-fuel

2017. június 30. 12:30
Read the letter in PDF To: Members of the European Parliament, ITRE & ENVI Committees Subject: No Renewable Energy incentives for waste-based fuels from plastic Brussels, 29 June 2017 Dear Members of the ITRE & ENVI Committees, We the undersigned organizations believe that the inclusion of waste-based fossil fuels e.g. from plastics within the scope […] Read more

Ecopulplast project holds steering board meeting in Capannori

2017. június 29. 12:50
Rossano Ercolini, Zero Waste Europe president On June 23rd the steering board of the Ecopulplast Life Project, financed by the European Union, took place in Capannori (Lucca). On this occasion, the new pilot plant which transforms paper mills’ pulper waste into pallets was presented at the headquarters of Selene (Selene is the leading company participating […] Read more

An 80 year old activist, a volcano in the sea, and a banana peel cruise ship

2017. június 29. 11:11
Written by Nina Thomas, Volunteer Content Creator for Zero Waste Europe From the air, the island of Stromboli, located off the north coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea, appears quite literally as a volcano, a jagged rock rising from the sea.  In fact, it is one of only three active volcanoes in all of […] Read more

Study shows climate benefits from separate collection of organics

2017. június 28. 12:45
Separate collection of organics is a key strategy for reducing climate change emissions, according to a study undertaken by Zero Waste Europe’s member Amigos de la Tierra Spain, “Separate Collection: The Path to Composting”. The study analysed and evaluated the waste management systems in 5 different Spanish cities with different collection system for organics, showing […] Read more

The first phase of the Redesign Europe Challenge is over! Time to check out the winning (most hated) products!

2017. június 27. 15:18
From May 16 until June 26 citizens where asked to vote on the People’s Design Lab’s website the most wasteful products on the market. Today, we finally announce what are the three most hated products, and hence, have been awarded with the #Designed4Trash award! The first place award went to plastic bags, with the second […] Read more

Sweden’s Recycling (D)evolution

2017. június 20. 10:47
By Christopher Nicastro Sweden is not known for its lack of innovation. In fact, in the 2016 Global Innovation Index conducted by Cornell University, INSEAD and WIPO, Sweden sits only behind Switzerland as the second most innovative country in the world. And while Sweden is credited with innovations like the Solar safe water system and […] Read more

UKWIN officially ‘earthMovers’

2017. június 08. 14:15
On Saturday 3rd June 2017 Zero Waste Europe member UKWIN (UK Without Incineration Network) received an Earthmovers Award for Outstanding Community Campaign from Friends of the Earth (FoE) at Basecamp, which is FoE’s annual environmental festival . Accepting the award, the UKWIN National Coordinator Shlomo Dowen said: “Over the past decade UKWIN has been blessed with […] Read more