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3 Positions the EU Must Take To Stay Clean on the Circular Economy

2017. április 27. 17:03
Live from the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP) to the Stockholm, Basel and Rotterdam conventions – Geneva There is a group of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) that it is critical to address to ensure we are moving towards a clean circular economy. Although the EU is continuously setting the tone towards more circularity internally, […] Read more

IPEN PRESS RELEASE: At UN meeting, Canada and Chile stand alone trying to legitimize e-waste dumping and promote recycling of toxic chemical into children’s products

2017. április 26. 09:20
Geneva: Today, at the Stockholm Convention 8th Conference of the Parties, Chile and Canada surprised delegates by proposing to allow recycling materials containing a toxic flame retardant widely found in electronic waste (e-waste). The proposal violates the Stockholm Convention which explicitly prohibits recycling and reuse of substances on its list. DecaBDE is used in the […] Read more

The Solution: Zero Waste Conference, Madrid

2017. április 13. 16:48
Friday 31st of April saw the 150 people gather in the Medialab Prado in Madrid for the Solution: Zero Waste conference. The conference brought together Zero Waste Europe network members, university academics, zero waste activists and municipal representatives to discuss a wide range of zero waste strategies and examples. The event took place in Medialab […] Read more

The EU needs to change course for a toxic free world

2017. március 29. 16:31
Between the 24th of April and the 5th of May, Zero Waste Europe will be in Geneva, attending the ‘super-COP’ (Conference of the Parties) covering 3 major global conventions on toxics: the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal, and […] Read more

Simona Bonafè drives Europe to a circular economy

2017. március 14. 15:28
For immediate release: Brussels, March 14, 2017 A future without waste in Europe is now closer to reality, after today, the European Parliament approved the Bonafè report. In a clear signal to both the Commission and the Council, the European Parliament has confirmed the increased ambition of the Environment Committee on four legislative proposals on […] Read more

More Tourists Equals More Waste

2017. március 14. 15:13
By Erika Oblak, Ekologi brez meja / Zero Waste Slovenia The municipality of Bled (with a population of 8,171 people) is one of the most famous and popular Slovenian tourist destinations, both nationally and internationally. The town is located in the foothills of the Julian Alps, on the picturesque shores of Lake Bled. At the […] Read more

Tell Supermarkets to Stop Using Non-Recyclable Plastic

2017. március 09. 16:18
A new petition asks large supermarket chains in France to stop using non-recyclable plastic in their own-branded milk bottles. The bottles are causing mayhem in recycling plants and stalling the country’s circular economy goals. What’s in a circle? Well at first glance we might think nothing of it. Its simplicity evokes plainness, but as we […] Read more

Press release: Future and financing waste-to-energy

2017. február 28. 11:57
For immediate release: Brussels, Bucharest, Ljubljana, Prague, Sofia, Warsaw, Vilnius, Zagreb, February 4, 2017 The European Commission’s recent communication on the role of waste-to-energy in the circular economy should be a clear signal for the Central and Eastern European authorities that the priority is prevention and recycling, and not waste incineration. The countries of Central […] Read more

Zero Waste progress in Romania

2017. február 28. 11:46
The tireless work of Zero Waste Romania, recently won many victories, here they share some of their achievements. To find our more get in contact via their Facebook page or email them directly. In the coming weeks we will be looking at other stories of zero waste practices in Central & Eastern Europe. Iasi, the […] Read more

The beginning of the end for the plastic bag in Tunisia? – Zero Waste Tunisia

2017. február 28. 11:31
An article from Zero Waste Tunisia, part of the developing Zero Waste Mediterranean network. If you part of, or want to join a zero waste group in the Mediterranean contact us to find out more. The beginning of the end for the plastic bag? It’s created in just a few seconds, serves a purpose for […] Read more

10th anniversary of EU recycling rules marked by green groups

2017. február 13. 11:22
10 February 2017, Brussels On 13 February 2007, Members of the European Parliament voted in pioneering waste rules that have led to higher recycling rates across Europe. [1] They must now keep momentum and vote for more ambitious recycling targets as well as binding measures to reduce waste generation. Thanks to the 2007 legislation, recycling […] Read more

From waste to taste: Funghi Espresso brings new life to used coffee grounds

2017. január 31. 11:30
By guest blogger Tiffany Fourment It is estimated that Italians drink 14 billion espressos every year. While many enjoy their daily espresso, they may never consider the waste – an estimated 380,000 tons of coffee grounds – left behind by such a large amount of coffee production. The Italian startup Funghi Espresso has developed an […] Read more

Gipuzkoa continues to mobilise against incineration for health, environment and economy

2017. január 30. 15:01
A report of the anti-incineration protests in Gipuzkoa from Basque Zero Waste Europe member Zero Zabor. The Zubieta incinerator project which stopped in 2013 was relaunched in mid 2015, after the latest municipal and provincial elections. Pro-incineration supporters continue to stubbornly push for the construction of that redundant facility. Urbaser (until recently belonging to Florentino […] Read more

Vote at ENVI Committee paves the way for zero waste

2017. január 27. 12:48
On 24th January the Environment Committee of the European Parliament adopted the legislative report for the four waste directives under discussion. With this, the legislative process goes a step further in the path to full adoption and will be voted at the Plenary in March. In the meantime, the Council is still negotiating its own […] Read more

Towards a new European mindset on waste-to-energy?

2017. január 27. 12:48
The European Commission released on 26 January the Communication on the Role of Waste-to-Energy in a Circular Economy. Although non-binding, the communication analyses the current role of waste-to-energy and gives guidance on Member States on how to cope with the problems this generates. From Zero Waste Europe’s point of view, the Commission has positively changed its […] Read more

PRESS RELEASE: European Commission Plastics Roadmap not leading anywhere

2017. január 26. 15:48
For immediate release: Brussels, January 26 2017 The European Commission’s newly released Roadmap for the EU Strategy on Plastics in a Circular Economy [1] fails to get to the root of the problem of plastics, according to the Break Free From Plastic Movement. The Commission outlines the problems Europe is facing with plastics and gives […] Read more

Commission calls for defunding of waste-to-energy

2017. január 26. 15:32
For immediate release: Brussels, January 26, 2017 The European Commission published today the Communication on the role of waste-to-energy in a circular economy. The text, although non-binding, provides clarity for the implementation of the waste hierarchy and gives guidance for Member States to avoid problems such as incineration overcapacity. For the countries with low incineration […] Read more

Study tour to the Basque Country

2017. január 26. 13:04
The study tour started with an event organised by Zero Waste Europe and the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) in Vitoria-Gasteiz on 28 November. It consisted of an international conference focused on the reduction of costs in waste management for municipalities through the optimisation of separate collection, the reduction of residual waste and the […] Read more

MEPs bring back Potocnik 2014’s spirit in a push towards zero waste

2017. január 24. 12:27
For immediate release, 24 January 2017 ENVI MEPs want to be bold on Circular Economy. In a clear signal to the Commission and the Council, the Environment Committee of the European Parliament significantly increased the ambition of the Commission’s proposal on waste by including most of former Commissioner Potocnik’s proposals of first Circular Economy Package […] Read more

Press Release: Six paths to make Extended Producer Responsibility fit for a circular economy

2017. január 11. 10:35
For immediate release: Brussels, January 11, 2017 Prior to the discussions on the waste directives at the European Parliament, Zero Waste Europe releases a position paper outlining the main challenges of current Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes and the solutions to make EPR a key tool for circular economy. According to recent research (1), EPR […] Read more