2017. április 30.
Challenges arise from lack of uniform reporting methods in measuring waste reduction efforts. Advocates in the US demonstrate the need for a new metric to standardize measurement and comparison across US states. This discrepancy among US municipalities and states translates to the EU: member states are similarly void of uniform reporting. Both US and EU member states will benefit from such a standardized measurement.
2017. április 02.
The minister describes that approach as “gradual” and which in a few months will result in a total ban on the manufacture and sale of plastic bags in Tunisia.
2017. március 29.
European Parliament to reinforce more ambitious recycling targets within the long-awaited Circular Economy Package
2017. március 17.

The share of waste to be recycled would rise to 70% by 2030, from 44% today, under draft Legislation ADOPTED on Tuesday.

2017. február 28.
The importance of differentiating between the two
2016. szeptember 21.

Government to tackle ‘throwaway culture’ by cutting VAT on fixing everything from bicycles to washing machines.

2016. augusztus 01.
Times were lean in the Great Depression and families across the nation aimed to do more with what they did have. One of the most interesting stories from this era is the curious case of how flour and feed sack companies began printing patterns on their bags! Scroll down to learn more about this fascinating history...
2016. június 20.

The website is dedicated to the Visegrad Fund Standard Grants Programme project won by Humusz. Project partners: ARNIKA - Program Toxické látky o odpady (Czech Republic), Poliski Klub Ekologiczny w Krakowie Kolo Miejskie w Gliwicach (Poland) and SOSNA o.z. (Slovakia). All information and related material is available here. Check out for updates!

2016. május 31.
Waste consultancy Eunomia predicts that Northern Europe will have around 14 million tonnes of surplus residual waste treatment capacity by 2030
2016. május 07.
A delegation of MEPs and European parliamentary staff visited re-use facility in Strasbourg to see the benefits of re-use in the first hand.