2015. november 29.
While many countries struggle to get rid of household waste, Norway cannot get enough of it - to run its waste-to-energy incinerator plants. Oslo even has to import waste, and is blaming Sweden for its problems.
2015. november 23.

Weakened draft regulations omit a new law that would have obliged countries to reduce waste by 30% by 2025

2015. november 18.
In a policy paper released today Zero Waste Europe warns against the use of landfill bans and advocates for the use of more effective instruments to reduce residual waste and advance towards a circular economy.
2015. november 16.
The European Commission is set to include mandatory separate food collections in its upcoming circular economy package, a leaked draft directive suggests.
2015. október 27.
A newly released report has found the waste sector has a key role to play in the development of a low carbon economy and the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs). The report will be launched at a press conference, organised by Zero Waste France in Paris on Tuesday the 27th. This report comes in advance of the UN Climate Conference in Paris, which will take place in December.
2015. október 21.
The 'Zero Waste Croatia' coalition, made up of 54 environmental NGOs lead by Zelena akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia has today submitted joint comments on the draft national Waste Management Plan 2015-2021. The groups are calling on the Ministry of Environmental Protection to give up the concept of mixing and incinerating waste and instead to base the plan on reducing, re-using and recycling waste. Such measures, based on the zero waste concept, would be in line with the waste hierarchy, protect the environment, and avoid harming people's health.
2015. október 14.

A new study commissioned by Zero Waste Europe[1] and released today at a conference in Brussels [2] has found that the majority of product waste is not covered by current Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes and calls for the redesigning of producer responsibility in order to move towards a circular economy.

2015. szeptember 25.

The conference took place in Budapest, on 2-4th November, where international and Hungarian speakers talked about the latest trends of zero waste and show solutions, good practice examples, including study trips.

2015. szeptember 23.

Paris, Sept. 8, 2015 - Citizens released today their Plan B’OM to avoid the costly reconstruction of Paris oldest incinérateur “Ivry-Paris13”. The reconstruction project has been discussed and contested for 10 years, and these inhabitants are now proposing a sustainable, realistic and tangible alternative. Moreover, Plan B’OM would create 50% more jobs and preserve natural resources, which are highly valuable for the national economy.

2015. szeptember 09.

The circular economy is often discussed in terms of the opportunities for new business models and to design new products and services. However, intuitively, the opportunities for an effective and prosperous transition would be significantly enhanced by national and regional governmental policy that supports and enables positive economic change. That intuition has recently been put to the test.