2015. szeptember 25.

The conference took place in Budapest, on 2-4th November, where international and Hungarian speakers talked about the latest trends of zero waste and show solutions, good practice examples, including study trips.

2015. szeptember 23.

Paris, Sept. 8, 2015 - Citizens released today their Plan B’OM to avoid the costly reconstruction of Paris oldest incinérateur “Ivry-Paris13”. The reconstruction project has been discussed and contested for 10 years, and these inhabitants are now proposing a sustainable, realistic and tangible alternative. Moreover, Plan B’OM would create 50% more jobs and preserve natural resources, which are highly valuable for the national economy.

2015. szeptember 09.

The circular economy is often discussed in terms of the opportunities for new business models and to design new products and services. However, intuitively, the opportunities for an effective and prosperous transition would be significantly enhanced by national and regional governmental policy that supports and enables positive economic change. That intuition has recently been put to the test.

2015. augusztus 04.

A major barrier to reducing the wasteful mindset of business and society is overcapacity and stranded investments in waste-to-energy incineration

2015. július 23.

BERLIN -- Visit a state-of-the-art recycling plant on the outskirts of this historic city, and one cannot help but marvel at the ambition of the facility owner, the Alba Group, one of the 10 largest companies for recycling services and raw material supply worldwide. At its Hellersdorf operation, more than 100,000 tons of packaging waste is processed annually, with the centerpiece a fully automated and very busy system of conveyor belts that distribute and sort assorted refuse by means of infrared sensors, overbelt magnets, sieves and air-blown separators.

2015. július 20.

Changes to how much heat needs to be supplied by facilities in warmer countries could change the classification of 30-35 EfW plants.

2015. július 16.

The Visegrad Fund project "Simple and smart waste reduction strategies for Visegrad municipalities" was a joint program together with Arnika - Toxics and Waste Programme (Czech Republic), Priatelia Zeme SPZ (Slovakia), Polski Klub Ekologiczny (Poland) and Humusz. The project's main aim was to strenghten municipalities' capacity and develop a joint V4 strategy for the EU waste targets.

2015. július 14.

Continuing the City of San Diego's leadership on environmental issues, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer praised the adoption of a "Zero Waste" plan that calls for reusing, rather than disposing of, virtually all of the City's trash by 2040.

2015. június 18.

The Chief of the Catholic Church just published an encyclical warning about the risks of wasteful societies and calling for Zero Waste.

2015. június 17.
Zelena akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia has today published a study analysing the waste management system of the Lower Medjimurje region made for communal services company PRE-KOM d.o.o. from Prelog in northern Croatia. The analysis shows that the town of Prelog has become national leader in separated waste collection, increasing the share of separated waste from 22% to 60%in the first four months of this year, and that the whole Lower Medjimurje region will soon be among the best European examples in sustainable waste management if it implements the recommendations in the analysis.