2014. január 08.

The new 5-year work programme of EEA sets new environmental policy priorities

2014. január 03.

Junk food to be banned in non-biodegradable packaging in Himachal Pradesh state

2013. december 20.

Single charger for notebook computers will significantly reduce e-waste

2013. december 12.

A recent Spanish pilot project proved that deposit and refund schemes bring multiple benefits for all

2013. december 06.

According to the Danish Government’s new approach to waste Denmark would significantly increase recycling together with the reduction of incineration

2013. november 29.

Egyptian Christian minority with tradition of turning a profit from recycling given official role in city's waste processing

2005. augusztus 19.
2005. július 13.

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2005. július 13.

Let us approach the waste problem from the fact that it is the direct consequence of the consumer society. The world of advertisements, shopping malls and promotions induce us to buy. Even if we do not need anything at the moment. This is waste production per se: we will throw away the useless items, they will become waste. In Hungary each one of us contributes to the environment contamination with around 500 kg waste annually and this quantity is ever growing.